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lost in fluorescents

Izzy, 19, Ireland, NCAD, art, music, tea :)
Twitter: @Izzzzaay

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I opened the box as if I would find you in there. Then I closed it again. 

It’s been a while but, this is just a little song I wrote and recorded in my bedroom. I just put together a few videos I took over the last while. 

nolifewithoutmymusic asked: hey how are you beautiful , you have an amazing voice just been listening to your covers they are amazing :) xxx

I’m good! :) Thank you very much, that means a lot :3 


Star Wars concept art.  New napkin art, 2014.


Finally, you can shit into the Sarlacc, where you feces will be digested over the course of a 1000 years, right along with Boba Fett.  



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